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Unit 6 Progression (Personal Statement)

I was born in a small city named Tallinn, Capital city of Estonia. I left home at age 14 and came to England. At the very beginning I start with ESOL course to improve my English skills, as my knowledge of the language could be equalled as 0 at that time. After 3 years of learning the language I got my diploma. And that was the time, when I thought about what I would love to see my self doing as a specialist study and career.

I applied for Media Level 2 BTEC Diploma Film & TV. I have chosen this course as it seems to be versatile and at the end there are many ways to select further activities, which I will find interesting. I worked on a film trailer, using Final Cut Pro to edit.

At first and second years of my study I experienced using video and photo cameras, producing short films and movie trailers, editing my footage in programs such as final cut pro, photo shop, logic pro and adobe after effects for proper footage placement, color enhancement, special effects, selection of music and much more.

I recently made a comedy, romance movie film trailer (The Love Triangle) and a short film with for adobe youth voices (No Longer Alone) also a documentary about the side effects of playing video and online games (Second Life).

Both years in Media study taught me how to cooperate with people within a team from different backgrounds, language accents and different sides of interest and knowledge in media studies. I have enjoyed working independently and researching information I needed, using primary and secondary research.

During the final college year I have learned to set up and use a green screen also I got a lot more experience in using after effects, doing masking and editing footage from green screen in final cut. All those techniques helped me to complete my future projects. I have been asked to produce a video clip on dream subject and as the theme of dreams is limitless, I could chose any subject I like, the only important aspect was to be creative enough and as I am a fan of the winter season and decided on producing something like a winter’s tale. (a still picture with a green screen, piano music at the background and  added effects such us CC Light Rays, Wiggle Frequency, CC Snowfall, 4-Color Gradient, Color Balance and many more.)

I am proud of the current results I have made so far but I hope to do much better and progress myself by the end of this year.
I found using After Effects fascinating and would like to make a career in postproduction. I have that passion inside me to learn as much as I can about this stage of production. I spend many hours each day to learn a lot more by my self.

Apart from college I have worked part time during all my years of study. I am working to support my mother, as she is a single woman and needs me to help her. I currently do not own any equipment but will need it more when studying at University. For this reason I think it is necessary to defer my entry to University to spend one year on working and earning money to buy all the equipment I need and getting more experience in the production and post production in film.

In my free time I do horseback riding which is my hobby since childhood, besides that,  I see myself as a creative person as fond of singing, playing piano and guitar as I am about jumping with a parachute and practising snowboarding.

It would be a real honor to become a student at your University. I am a serious and committed student who has a desire to improve and develop all necessary skills and creativity I need for future success in the film industry. I believe that university is the best place for completing my goals and expressing myself.

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