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In three dimensional computer graphics, 3D modelling is the process of making a 3D model  by using a special software.These softwares are usually very expensive to have it at home. For example program called Maya is a very expensive program and need a full licence to start work which cost thousands of pounds.

3D model is a three dimensional object which can be alive or inanimate. Model is created using a set of points (vertex) in 3D space, which are connected by various of lines, and curved surfaces (edges).

Today, 3D models are used in many work industries.  The first and main industries which was and do use a 3D modeling are films and gaming industries, especially in 2014 where so many movies and games made of 3D. The movie industry use 3D models as the characters for the film or as an objects for a real life motion pictures. The game industries use 3D models as assets for computer and video games.

Apart from the main industries there are many more companies and work places who loves to use 3D modelling these days. The medical industry uses detailed models of organs, mechanics use it to create a model for the parts they need to module before they manufacture it, interior designers use it for many purposes. 3D modelling became very important for many people in this world and I believe without it, it would be much harder to work now.

reference: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-3d-modeling.htm (first paragraph).


This is the list of 3D modelling computer softwares can be used to create a 3D model.

Title License 3D rendering support
3DVIA Shape Commercial software No
AC3D Commercial software No
Anim8or Freeware Yes
Animation:Master Commercial software Yes
Art of Illusion Free and open-source Yes
AutoCAD Commercial software Yes
AutoQ3D Community Free and open-source Yes
AutoQ3D Commercial software Yes
Autodesk 123D Freeware No
Autodesk 3ds Max Commercial software Yes
Autodesk Maya Commercial software Yes
Autodesk Softimage Commercial software Yes
Blender Free and open-source Yes
BRL-CAD Free and open-source Yes
Bryce Freemium Yes
CATIA Commercial software Yes
Carrara Freemium Yes
Cheetah3D Commercial software Yes
Cinema 4D Commercial software Yes
CityEngine Commercial software No
Clara.io Freemium Yes
DAZ Studio Freemium Yes
Electric Image Animation System Commercial software Yes
Flux Freeware No
Form-Z Commercial software Yes
fragMOTION Commercial software No
Hexagon Commercial software No
Hexagon Freemium No
Houdini Commercial software Yes
LightWave 3D Commercial software No
MASSIVE Commercial software No
Metasequoia Commercial software Yes
MikuMikuDance Freeware Yes
MilkShape 3D Commercial software No
Modo Commercial software Yes
Poser Commercial software Yes
Pro/ENGINEER Commercial software Yes
Quake Army Knife Free and open-source Yes
RaySupreme Commercial software Yes
Realsoft 3D Commercial software Yes
Remo 3D Commercial software Yes
Rhinoceros 3D Commercial software Yes
SOCET SET Commercial software No
Sculptris Freeware No
Seamless3d Free and open-source No
Shade 3D Commercial software Yes
Silo Commercial software No
Silo Commercial software No
Sketchup Freemium Yes
Solid Edge Commercial software No
SolidWorks Commercial software No
Strata 3D Commercial software Yes
Swift 3D Commercial software No
TopMod Free and open-source No
TrueSpace Freeware Yes
Unigraphics Commercial software No
Wings 3D Free and open-source Yes
Vectorworks Commercial software Yes
ZBrush Commercial software Yes
Zmodeler Freeware Yes


Also there are programs I haven’t seen in the list: Google sketch up (a free 3D modelling application), Strate 3D CX (3D modeling program features polyspline modeling and HDRI textures and lightdome and can work with adobe photoshop and illustrator) and body paint (Create 3D character then color it and then you can add movement and effects with this 3D animation program).


 Examples of work in Maya autodesk, 3D’s Max, Google sketch up and Body paint

The body paint


3D’s Max

3d's max



 Google sketch up

goofle sketch up


( Image source: google images )




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