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UNIT 5: Integrated Art & Design Research, Ideas and Methods

Thursday 9th January 2014

For the second term I decided to make a short film about life in London, shot using time-lapse and hyper-lapse techniques. I hope to shoot up to 1000 frames using few locations and different objects such us: places, people, animals, nature, sunrise or sunset, sky moves and etc. I haven’t got enough experience with a camera to do, so I started to visit my photography teacher Roxan Baptiste to get experience I need to my short film. I already attended one lesson and I learn how to make a portfolio picture. I had a model to shoot for a business magazine. For the background we used black screen and 3 lights (two at the from of an object and another of the left hand side to create a shadow reflection. IMG_1906


Throughout the lesson, the teacher explains and demonstrates how to take the right portfolio photographs for the business magazine, we tried to shoot model in different position and played with light to correct the shadow reflection.

IMG_1912 IMG_1907 IMG_1901Roxan showed  how to use the light reflector and told me what are its benefits in creating photographs. At the next lesson I will learn how to shoot around 10 frames per second for my short film and all the importance I need to know.

This is a perfect example of what I’m hoping to create  – a time lapse made by student of Essex University, 15000 pictures has been taken to make this video.

Friday 10th January 2014

I asked my tutor Mark Caffor to explain how students make long duration time lapse and move camera very smooth and slow at the same time. Mark told me about dslr computerized tracking rail. This machine controlled by the I pad and can be set to record 12 hours video (thousands of frames) also camera will move very slowly and give illusion of slow hand recorded video.

NEW-Wondlan-Wired-Electrically-controlled-Slider-Dolly-Track-Rail-100cm-w-tripod-head-for-DSLR-cameraThe cost for this equipment is about £3000 therefore my college cannot afford to buy one. I had to use all I could to practice shooting outside of the college. Mark offered me his own I pad where I could use app called . This application settings allows to change the number of frames per second, its quite good for shooting. The problem for me was to find the location to practice taking shots and as I wanted to stay closer to the college I have chosen one park which locates right at the back of the building. I start to record nature and animals. I took around 10 videos but I was not so happy with them after reviewing. Throughout the shooting I had to hold device in my hands therefore my filming turned out uneven. I kept few videos to save as the rest I found meaningless to keep.

This first filming day signaled the most important. To make one nice short movie I need to spend hours on recording outside and still I could not find the equipment I will use as I cannot take Mark’s I pad for a long recording day. I hope to sort out this problem in the nearest future and start working on my short film.


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