My definition of Dream

Dream are pictures in our mind that rely primarily on our emotion.

Prophetic dreams

dreams have a great impact on many people’s subconscious. Many people believe in prophetic dreams therefore whenever person sees a dream which looks significant it may affect subsequent days of a person, ain in such memorable and vivid dreams. After seeing a dream people start to look for its meaning in the dream book or other sources of information such us internet or people. From my research I found that people who believe in prophetic dreams mostly Christians.

 Do we see different Dreams?

Each of us sees different types of dreams every night. Dreams can depend on many things such us age, gender, background, ethic group, religion also dreams can depend on our lifestyle therefore optimist and pessimist can also see different sort of dreams.

Heavy workers ( builders, mechanics, truckers, people work in factories and many more) those are so tired from their work and do not see as many dreams as people with lightweight profession do. ( those like teachers, writers, painters, babysitters and many more). This happens when human’s brain and body gets very tired and during night, sleep is quite deep, in that case people do no see dreams at all or even if they do, those are not so bright dreams.

the largest percentage of the population who see colourful dreams are housewives. This is due to monotonous communications, daily chores, life on schedule, TV viewing. All those things bring different pictures into your mind and you might think of it quite often, therefore you see dreams that might have similar story outline.

Are the any differences in dreams of people different religion?


From my research I have found that people each religion whether those are Muslims, Christians, Catholic or any another have a very similar dream content as most dreams have every day nature content no matter what religion this is. However, differences, though no great but do exist.

Muslims more likely to see dreams, rich of colorful content as these religion people are sort of dreamers. They believe in sin, the punishment  of Allah (God), the evil eye – Nazar, divination and many more. Daily prayers and weekly trips to the mosque on Fridays, all these things they think of automatically stays with them during the night as they think of it so much. The basis of their dreams is God or so-called God’s messengers (angels). In most of their dreams, they see the message sent to them by God.

Christians Orthodox/Catholic

It is much easier to talk about Christians seeing dreams as I am Christian Orthodox but I did not just wrote what I think and use my only example, I have asked many Christians about it and I have  learned that many of us have very similar dreams. Christians in most of their dreams see everyday household problems or in a dream experiencing a situation in which they have been before or maybe afraid of being, also, just a dreams with unknown content, at the same time with little snippets of images.

A lot of People after seeing dream want to get to know what is the meaning of it, that’s why many prefer to use the book of dream interpretations. Most of grands have these books at their houses.

Is there a dreams that every one saw at least once?

There are some dreams that mostly every one saw at least once in their life no matter age, religion, gender or background. I asked a few people if they have ever seen how they fall down and everyone saw that dream at least once. The actual meaning of that dream is fear of something or the dream where we see our selves flying, mostly everyone saw this dream at least once a life. The meaning for this dream is – we grow, simple as that. Mostly kids see this type of dreams.

Do we realize, it is dream?

Some times while sleep we see a nightmare in which we feel afraid but when we woke up in a sweat with thoughts – thank God it was only a dream, I bet this phrase was uttered by all people of the world at least once also some people say during sleep time they actually realize the sleep and even see their selves in their dreams.

Who sees Black & white dreams?

Dreamers, who have a great interest in psychology, people living in a different dimension, people who are pessimist. Those who will sees minuses after going to the cemetery.

Who sees colorful dreams? faithful, congregation, people with saturated colors of a way of life, optimists. Those who sees pluses after going to the cemetery.

Do we feel safe in our dreams more than in a real life?Everyone will give different answer for this question as some of us sees sweet dreams and even wishes to stay in a dream and not to wake up, the one who sees bad dreams will most probably say, I prefer real life rather than a dream. It all about what type of people we are and what types of dreams we see. It will show the answer.

All written above belong to a dreams during sleep time but we see dreams not only during sleep, we see dreams every day, in any situation, with different people and at different time. 

There are two types of dreams – good or bad. Dream depends on our mood and our emotions, we dream anywhere at any time. For example, on your work place, your colleague says something that makes you feel bad and aggressive, while conflict operated you might imagine something like – how you take your colleague’s head and smash it at the wall =)

Music helps to expand our imagination.

There are many types of music and every person chooses the right music genre for its self but no matter what genre it is, we all dream of something when we listen to it. It  also depend on who surround us at that moment, how do we feel and what type of situation you into.

Step by step for all I have done to complete my Dreams project,

Deadline – 29th November 2013.

Week 1  – 17th October

I have been spending my time on doing primary and secondary research that will be helpful for completing my project.

I have been looking at information from the internet to find out more about what type of dreams there are, what dreams do people see most, is there any meanings behind, do people believe at those meanings and much more.

I visited the national gallery which locates at Trafalgar square to take a look at some painters work and try to understand what kind of dreams they tried to show on their pictures. I have chosen two pictures which caught my attention, Those I would like to talk about – Whistlejacket 1762, George Stubbs and Diana & Actaeon 1556-9, Titian.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 15.42.40

Same day I visited the official website for National Gallery and found those two pictures by their names. I took a screen shot of them both, shown below.

Diana & Actaeon 1556-9, Titian

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 15.37.25 This picture is not full sized picture therefore I have found a full sized onetitian_webThe painting depicts six white girls with one black girl hiding behind one of the white girls, two different breeds dogs and apparently one hunter man. If we look at it more carefully we can see two main characters, Diana – White lady on the right hand side of the picture and hunter Actaeon.
Why I have made a decision that Diana is the girls on the right hand side is very simple, at first – the light incident on Diana more than on others, the black lady stays at the back seems to be hiding but no, she actually covers Diana from hunter by pulling the white material to cover her body. One of another girls cleans Diana’s leg and a guess all other girls we see are also servants of Diana, I am only not too sure about a girl veiled purple cloth as she doesn’t really seem to be one of servants.Painting itself suggests that the girls did not expect the appearance of the men in their possessions and were not happy about it.
Man opens the curtain and stairs at the girls. Girls all the forces trying to hide from him but its too hard for them to do as the space where they sit is very open. A little dog next to Diana barks and tries to drive away the stranger. Haunter itself came with a black hunting dog. Everything shown on the picture has a meaning such us background, we see the mountains and light blue sky, it tells us that action happens in day time, also there are little figurines resembling a lion’s face, we can see one on the fountain, another on the top of the window and  another statue in the form of a skeleton head of a deer which locates close to middle of the picture.  I really cannot say why painter chose those form of statues for his composition but it was part of his dream. Now lets skip to another composition I chose,  Whistlejacket 1762, George Stubbs. Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 16.15.42I am a fan of horses and may therefore chose this picture to discuss. stubbs-whistlejacket-NG6569-fm

Painted horse owner of incredible beauty and color, I guess the owner of this composition dreamed of such a steed or had such a horse in a real life and loved him madly.  Horse paint is awesome – the most part of the body is painted in bright ginger and only the tips of the hind hooves are painted in white. main and tail also painted in white but shell in ginger shine. On the forehead thin white strip. In one word – royal horse.

So that was a little information about dreams transferred to canvas and my firs week research.

Week 2 – 24th October

My teacher David teach us how to use Masking. I have been asked to combine one of his chosen pictures with a video of my choice from one of the folders he made for us in the server. There were many different videos such as animals, microbes, people and nature.

This video I chose for my work

At first I chose a picture which seems to be quite complicated for masking as it has a lot of spaces I needed to mask and I started to mask each square on the picture, when I almost mask half of them, my teacher suggested me to use a key light 1.2 to make it a lot faster and easier and it did worked out.

b20architecture_interiors105 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.41.04 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.57.11 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.57.17 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.57.30 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.58.17 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.58.20 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.58.29 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.58.34 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 11.17.21 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 11.17.42 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 11.17.56 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 11.18.05 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 11.38.04 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 11.40.49 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 11.48.58 Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 11.49.06This is my finished composition

Week 3 – from 31st October till 14th November

Green Screen study

After doing my primary research my teacher told us it is time to learn how to work with a green screen. It was my first experience and was not easy for me to understand every detail about it. At first teacher have made an introduction day to explain what the green screen is and how and why filmmakers use it in a film. He showed us some examples from you tube and I took some screen shots of what I have seen on that day, below.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 11.21.13

After theory we had a practical day where we learned how to set up a green screen and lights. Teacher explained as less small folds will remain at Green Screen as easier it will be for us to edit by using final cut pro or any another useful program. We all came together and made all we have been told to do also we set up the lights and start to record each other  sitting in the middle and saying something about ourselves. It was very useful day for me as I learned the basics of using and setting up a green screen.

IMG_1807Teacher explained what are the main things we need to follow to prepare the green screen for use and those were:

1. Use sellotape to stretch the material and make sure that there is the least amount of lines as those lines will make shadows and will be harder to edit on final cut pro later.

2. Note the central point of the object.

3. Place all lights needed in the right position and use different color paper to create expected color of the object also use soft, white material to soften colors and shadow.

4. Explained health and safety rules for using all the equipments in a studio.

IMG_1824 IMG_1821  IMG_1817I have also made some videos from that day to remember exactly what we were doing.

When I start to feel confident in using green screen I start to think of idea for my project and that was the hardest part for me as I could not chose what I would like to record, whether its going to be a interview or short film. I had many questions in my head and i start to think of doing something like a green screen with different locations of the world and I am standing in a middle and feel like when the location of the picture changes I bring myself  into that new location. I start to record it but after my teacher came up to he and suggest that I can try and do something like a still picture and I am walking in it also he told me to use after effects to add some different effects into picture to make it look realistic. I listen to advise of my teacher and loved the idea, I already thought of doing something similar so was happy to start to work on it.

I chose the location of my still picture to be a winter park with white untouched snow and wonderful trees surround. I imagined myself standing in the middle of the park, looking at the light snow falling from the sky and running  through the trees shines.

Another location which played at the beginning is a sad, dark and empty place looks like a garage. I found this location suitable for the scene I want to show.

on the 14th of November I book a green screen room to record myself for the scene I planned to fit in the still picture. It was a little hard for me to film as I was alone in the room and had to record myself. I tried to film many times from different sides and finally I got  the right position that I thought will perfectly fit into my picture.

When the final recording was finished, I import my video into final cut pro to prepare it for the further editing also to make sure that the video mach to my still picture.

This video I recorded myself to use for my movie, clip has been edited already with final cut.

Week 8 – 21st November Working on my dream project

I used final cut pro to edit my green screen but I did not have any experience before so I found some tutorials made by media teachers for students to look at on how to edit green screen in final cut. I followed this tutorial during all my editing, it was very useful.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 16.26.57

I used Chroma keyer tool to edit my video in final cut, I worked on softening, the edge thin and enhance to take off any green color traces.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 14.41.47Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 14.43.27

I have also used Primatte RT tool as I was not so happy with the look of my video after using Chroma key and this effect helped me to take off all the shadows and signs of green around the main object.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 14.41.58At the final of my editing I tried to use one more effect in the final cut i have never used before was the color correction tool. It did made some improvement but not as much as I expected my work to look like.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 14.37.00Week 8 – 22nd November

I finish my editing in final cut pro and exported all my files into quick time movie. When I complete my video export I moved into adobe after effects and imported my video into it. I start to think of the effects I want to see in my work, what color and all that so I start to look at some videos in you tube such us after effects shine tutorial to learn on how to make the right effect I need.

Week 9 – 22nd November till 29th November

Working on dreams in after effects

I have done a lot of research on the right effects I need for my project and when I knew exactly how to make them I start to edit my video and made a screen recording duration of one hour and six minutes to show all skills and techniques I learned and used for my project.

Video of my screen record –

I made subtotals for my screen recording with short explanation of each step I have done to edit my video in after effects.
Final week before deadline – 5th December

I completed my personal statement for the UCAS. Now I need to complete the online application and send it to the head office. My Personal Statement

I was born in a small city named Tallinn, Capital city of Estonia. I left home at age 14 and came to England. At the very beginning I start with ESOL course to improve my English skills, as my knowledge of the language could be equalled as 0 at that time. After 3 years of learning the language I got my diploma. And that was the time, when I thought about what I would love to see my self doing as a specialist study and career.

I applied for Media Level 2 BTEC Diploma Film & TV. I have chosen this course as it seems to be versatile and at the end there are many ways to select further activities, which I will find interesting. I worked on a film trailer, using Final Cut Pro to edit.

At first and second years of my study I experienced using video and photo cameras, producing short films and movie trailers, editing my footage in programs such as final cut pro, photo shop, logic pro and adobe after effects for proper footage placement, color enhancement, special effects, selection of music and much more.

I recently made a comedy, romance movie film trailer (The Love Triangle) and a short film with for adobe youth voices (No Longer Alone) also a documentary about the side effects of playing video and online games (Second Life).

Both years in Media study taught me how to cooperate with people within a team from different backgrounds, language accents and different sides of interest and knowledge in media studies. I have enjoyed working independently and researching information I needed, using primary and secondary research.

During the final college year I have learned to set up and use a green screen also I got a lot more experience in using after effects, doing masking and editing footage from green screen in final cut. All those techniques helped me to complete my future projects. I have been asked to produce a video clip on dream subject and as the theme of dreams is limitless, I could chose any subject I like, the only important aspect was to be creative enough and as I am a fan of the winter season and decided on producing something like a winter’s tale. (a still picture with a green screen, piano music at the background and  added effects such us CC Light Rays, Wiggle Frequency, CC Snowfall, 4-Color Gradient, Color Balance and many more.)

I am proud of the current results I have made so far but I hope to do much better and progress myself by the end of this year.
I found using After Effects fascinating and would like to make a career in postproduction. I have that passion inside me to learn as much as I can about this stage of production. I spend many hours each day to learn a lot more by my self.

Apart from college I have worked part time during all my years of study. I am working to support my mother, as she is a single woman and needs me to help her. I currently do not own any equipment but will need it more when studying at University. For this reason I think it is necessary to defer my entry to University to spend one year on working and earning money to buy all the equipment I need and getting more experience in the production and post production in film.

In my free time I do horseback riding which is my hobby since childhood, besides that,  I see myself as a creative person as fond of singing, playing piano and guitar as I am about jumping with a parachute and practising snowboarding.

It would be a real honor to become a student at your University. I am a serious and committed student who has a desire to improve and develop all necessary skills and creativity I need for future success in the film industry. I believe that university is the best place for completing my goals and expressing myself.

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