Second Life Proposal




A Working Title


Second Life


The Theme


Second Life is a 10-minute documentary, which explores the life of hardcore gamers who have substituted their real life for a virtual one. It observes a normal day in the life of a self confessed addict and how it has affected their family relations, education and aspirations.


Also we will reveal the reason behind them playing these games.


Running Time


10 minutes


 The Subject Matter


Online games attract a lot of people of different age groups ranging from teenagers and finishing adults (including those who have families).


During the search, we found a number of reasons that attract people to play online games.
One of the main reasons is communication in chat rooms during the game.
Online games gives people an opportunity to chat with people all over the world, different age males or females.

Games allow people to feel like someone special, to do something what they cannot or shy to do in a real life. Take for example a man hesitates to communicate with the girls where in a game he feels more confident than in real life.

Now days many online games allow marriages and even the birth of children, that might look silly though it is one of the attractions of the game.


As an example we can take massive multiplayer online role-playing game named as Ragnarok.

Player characters interact in a 3D environment but are represented by 2D character sprites for front, back, side and diagonal facings. Player characters exist in a world with a player environment that gradually changes with the passage of time.

The game has 99 skill levels. Within any cities and town, there are many activities that player can participate in. In addition; every town will have the usual stores and shops where players can purchase and sell their items. There are different jobs that players can choose from; therefore the goods each sell are relatively for that particular job that the city is affiliated with.

The game consist over 100 background tracks. In every location different music is played.

Marriage with rings, wedding dress and a bunch of flowers is also available in this game. Marriage can be between lovers, or maybe just something fun between friends.


Besides hanging out online games is a good way to earn. Many people spend most of their time in order to get the highest impact levels and sell their account to those who wants to be one of the first in the game without spending much time and start from the beginning.



Target Audience



The target audience of our up coming Documentary about online games addiction are female and male aged 12-50 who are likely to use the Internet for their own entertainment. We also target our documentary towards newcomers in the game industry and family involved in this addiction. They (Hardcore Gamers) mostly prefer to use the Internet over the television and spend up to 20 hours in front of the screen. The attractions of those online games are advertisements all over the Internet. More than the half of our population notice an online game advert every second using the Internet. Our Audience lives a SECOND LIFE to escape from real life or are involved in it, which includes confrontation and problems. They feel comfortable to choose they way the want to appear to people without letting them into their privacy. Online games give people throughout the world to be part in something, a group.  Mostly the gamers are early adopters of technology and gadgets the market has to offer and they are the people who are not afraid to pay a decent price for their benefits.


We separate our Target audience into four groups who we think are the target audience of many Online games Developer.


  • First the traditional gamers who are tending to be younger male aged 18-35.They have decent computers with new gadgets and they understand the meaning of gaming. They playing for at least an hour per day.


  • Then there are Moms and Housewives aged 30-50 who don’t know what to do in their free time while for example the kids are at school or because the kids moved away. Then don’t upgrade their computer to a higher standard and they aren’t buying games at the store; they rather play web games or download casual games. They enjoy playing around a half an hour per day.



  • Slacking White-Collars who are mostly younger male aged 12-25 with limited gender information. They playing games everywhere such as from work, or between classes, or in the library at college. They enjoy playing a quick game in the break for about 15-45 minutes.


  • Older gamers who are over 30 and with a family. They used to play in their younger age and love to play it maybe once again; called   once-traditional gamers who now no longer have time to play like they once did. They don’t have much spending to upgrade their computers very often, but they still know the difference between good graphics and bad. They find maybe one to two hours in the weekend to play a game.



The Attraction for an Audience


The genres include fantasy, warfare, medieval times, action, racing, platform, western, strategy, text-based and many more. In most multiplayer online games the player assumes the role of a character and acts on its behalf.

Multiplayer games are popular because they provide a different kind of social interaction for the players – whether they’re in a team fighting against the enemies or having conversations in a chat room within a game, they have a chance to talk and interact with people from all around the world without restrictions.

Many games offer the chance to create clans or guilds within the game, allowing players to share their experiences with others similar to them.


An example of a text-based game which features guilds and chat rooms is Kingdom of Loathing; Hero Smash is a multiplayer online game which allows chatting with other players, player vs. player battles, customizing your character, finishing missions and is based on reaching your character’s maximum level to be able to defeat enemies and use skills more effectively; Runescape is a massively multiplayer online game in which the players adventure throughout the land and finish quests, while maintaining their character’s skills and abilities, as well as having the chance to talk with other players and exchange items with them during their adventure; Risk is a very popular war simulation/strategy game;  and the Need For Speed franchise, for example, allows players to compete with each other in real time.


The reason people get so warped into constantly playing MMORPGs may be because in real life they can’t have such experiences. After playing the game, real life might seem banal and uninteresting to them because they’re unable to limitlessly customize their appearance, talk with others who are as familiar with the game and connect with them, they don’t have infinite stamina in reality, nor do they have supernatural strength and agility.  They may also feel a sense of achievement when their character reaches a certain level, defeats a powerful enemy, collects rare items or finishes many quests.

Some gamers can get so carried away with playing that they don’t even want to return to their real life, which results in having trouble speaking with people in real life, conflicts with family members, they may lack exercise and have stiff limbs due to remaining in a stationary position for long periods of time, and even be too carried away with playing to eat anything.

If the player is under-age, it impacts their parents a lot because of their behaviour. They may refuse to hang out with their friends, spend time with their family, they may request for their parents to pay for additional in-game features, such as wider in-game areas to explore, virtual currency and items, and other VIP features that ‘’free’’ players don’t have access to.



The Viewpoint


The documentary will take the perspective of a hardcore gamer, who has been playing constantly for a view days because of a recent game expansion. We will follow a day in their life, and observe their lifestyle, and how it has affected them emotionally and psychologically, and of course how detached they have become from reality. In addition, there will be another viewpoint from a game producer and his take on the rising problem of gaming addiction,, also a recovered game addict will be interviewed, illustrating the effects and the seriousness surrounding the issue.



The Feasibility


Interview students from animation curse and ask them if they play any online games on their free time as it related to their studies.


Interview Teacher from Animation curse and ask what he thinks about online games and addiction to them. Also find out why animation/ 3D curses was his choice and does he know the way of earning money through online games.


The college will produce all equipments we need to film our documentary.


All the location will be in the college.

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