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Second Life My Individual Job Role

My individual job rule description


As a Second Life participant I was responsible for the further duties:

Managing all the paper work such us :


1)   Minutes of meeting 1,3,4 (as 2 meeting was made by my group member Kristine Dejus)

2)   Research the minimum wages for each of our group member ( minimum wages for director, minimim wages for operator,  minimum wages for camera asisstant and ect.)

3)   Research prices to hire the equipments we needed for our documntary.

4)   Research prices to hire film studio for our documentary.

5)   Research prices for equipments we needed to buy.

6)   Prepare the risk asesstment for each location we filmed.

7)   Plan induvidual job rule for each group member.

8)   Write proposal.

9)   Prepare contact list.

10) Organize the budget (calculate each expences to see      the total).


Apart from doing all paper work I participated in shooting and filming also have given one interview as my team members and I decided that it will be a good idea and look better in our documentary.

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